Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015 In Review

2015 has been pretty crazy for me.  From January to March I tried on a role as COO for a small agency in LA called Sidebench.  What an interesting time in my life after trying to find a role that came after almost 2 years at Vizio.  I had just bought a home and couldn't have imagined a worst time to have gone from that job.  I earned just enough to pay my mortgage but glad I had side work to make up for my financial needs.

From March to November I served as CTO at SugarsGone which was also very interesting - I could probably write hundreds of posts regarding my experience there but not right now.  The only constant in 2015 for me happened to be the Founder Institute and which are two projects that don't pay as much but are more fulfilling than any of the other work I've done in 2015.

Now I'm trying to find my groove and see how I can recreate my world by framing it into earning more for what I'm passionate about doing.  This is all easier said than done.

Monday, July 14, 2014

A lot has happened since 2003 when I first joined a small online advertising startup in Irvine CA!  Fast forward 10 years and we have seen a great maturity from online ad brokering to true innovation in technology in Orange County from the likes of Oculus VR to soon to come .

We've had a growth in the interest of creating entrepreneurs in Orange County CA for quite some time through the university systems and we're hoping to loop in full circle with the Founder Institute Orange County Chapter .

Irvine seems to still be taking the lead in having the best harvest of technologists and entrepreneurs.  We'll have a select group of mentors and entrepreneurs gathered to kickoff Winter 2014 for theFounder Institute in OC - share the news and join us!